limestone tile backsplash, oahu

Limestone Tile Bathroom, Big Island.

We loved how this limestone tile provides a more neutral color for this bathroom while the subtle pattern¬†changes still create style and visual interest.  
enhanced vinyl flooring, oahu

Bedroom Flooring Upgrades

For this project, at the Waikoloa Beach Resort, we installed enhanced vinyl plank flooring (EVP), which is a new waterproof, anti-slip flooring that's also incredibly resistant to stains and scratches.  We then added areas rugs to give each bedroom and beautiful and unique finish.
Completed hardwood refinishing, floor coverings international oahu

Hardwood Refinish In Honolulu

We recently completed a hardwood floor restoration job. First we carefully sanded down the old surface then applied a new custom finish. It came out beautifully! Before: During: After: