Oahu home renovation

When it’s time to start a large home renovation, the prospect of so many moving pieces can be overwhelming. Our flooring design experts at Floor Coverings International of Oahu have been involved in plenty of home renovations around the Oahu and Honolulu area. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a few handy pieces of advice that we like to share with our customers. Here are our three favorite tips to help you get off on the right foot for your exciting renovation!

1. Set a Realistic Budget
Creating a budget is one of the most important first steps in any large-scale renovation. There are lots of resources to help you do this, and we recommend taking some time to find a helpful guide. Our biggest piece of advice on every budget is to always set a budget that’s within your means. There will undoubtedly be extra costs that come up throughout the process, and if you set a budget that’s already at your limit, these surprises can cause a huge amount of stress. If you have to, hold off on part of the renovation to ensure you’re not putting yourself into a dangerous financial spot.
2. Take Extra Time
This is a general rule that we apply to all sorts of renovation tasks. It’s always worth being sure that a task is done well and correctly in your renovation. This means, take the extra hour to research the right contractor or the extra ten minutes to re-measure a room and be certain the numbers are correct. Little mistakes can lead to lasting problems.
3. Know When to Splurge
In the midst of spending a huge amount of money, it’s easy to be enticed by cheap products and services. But there are certain things in your home renovation that you need to invest in. Our expertise at Floor Coverings International of Oahu is which floors are worth spending more money on. This varies from household to household, but the main constants are high-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room. You’ll be living with the choices you make for years to come. Be sure to remind yourself of this during the process. We promise the extra bit will be worth it!

Photo Credit: stefanphotozemun