Living in Oahu is a wonderful experience. Even if you’re not actively surfing, hiking, or visiting one of our numerous parks, as long as you’re outside, you can still take in the island’s scenic beauty. A small but unavoidable price we pay for all this enjoyment is the damage it does to our floors. Depending on where you live (or like to venture), different types of flooring can be a better fit for your home. As a fun way to compare different types of flooring, we’ve put together a list of Oahu’s 5 regions and selected a type of flooring to spotlight for each, based on some of their unique characteristics.

The Leeward Coast

Travertine Tile in Oahu

Homes in this area tend to see the least amount of rain on the island, making them good candidates for travertine tile. Travertine is an extremely durable option that looks fantastic in both the home and on the lanai, and it’s more than capable of standing up to the heat of the island sun.

The Honolulu Area

Even though many homes in the Honolulu area have lawns, sand can still be an issue inside the house. Aside from offering a wide variety of plank widths, textures, and styles, engineered hardwood can be refinished to erase the damage that even the smallest amounts of sand can do to a floor over time. This will help keep your floor looking great for decades.

Central Oahu

Homeowners in Central Oahu tend to commute a bit more than those who live in other parts of the island, which means spending more time in traffic. To help keep this from cutting into your time at the beach or relaxing, we selected laminate flooring because it’s one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain. But, if you own a home in Mililani or elsewhere in Central Oahu, don’t worry. In addition to being easy to care for laminate is also stylish, durable, and affordable.

The Windward Coast

If you’ve ever tried to get red soil out of your laundry after it has rained, you know that homes on the Windward Coast need a type of flooring that is waterproof and stain resistant. Luxury vinyl is both of these. And, with a wide selection of styles and designs that includes natural stone and wood-looks, there is a luxury vinyl that will look great in your home.


Northshore is world-famous for its big waves. If someone in your home surfs, you may want to consider porcelain tile. When sealed correctly, porcelain tile is virtually waterproof and there are many smooth, low-gloss tiles that won’t trap sand or show etching.  Combined with a few area rugs for comfort, porcelain tile is an excellent choice of flooring for Northshore homes.

Of course, where you live isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to choosing a flooring material that’s right for your home. Children, pets, and any hobbies you might enjoy can all make a difference in which flooring will work best for you. Let the expert staff at Floor Coverings International Oahu help. Our designers are experts at helping you find the flooring that’s right for your home. Call or schedule a free, in-home consultation today!

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