Accenting Your Space with Area Rugs Floor Coverings International OahuOnce you’ve settled on the perfect floors for your home, it’s time to decide on the right area rug to accent your space. Floor Coverings International Oahu is here to help you through the process of rug shopping. By following along with these guidelines, you should have no problem in finding the right area rug for your home.

Measuring Your Space

Before you begin shopping, be sure to get the dimensions of your room as well as the perimeter around each furniture piece. With this information in hand, you can explore rug sizes and immediately know if it will fit into your space. Be sure to consider whether you would like the rug to fill the majority of the room, only encircle a central furniture piece, or be just big enough to fit the front feet of your furniture onto its surface. These are all advisable ways to accent your space with area rugs. 

Identify Your Style

After measuring your space, you’ll want to evaluate what your personal home style looks like.


Your home will look more traditional if you tend to lean towards darker woods and richer, jewel tones in your décor. This style also typically employs ornate detailing and the use of luxurious textures.

French Country

A French country style is essentially what you would imagine a house in the French countryside to look like. This décor is usually done in soft, warm, earthy colors that create a very natural atmosphere. This look is then contrasted with brick and ornamental woodwork.


Coastal and tropical styles usually employ a lot of heavily saturated colors, in particular blues, greens, and oranges. These colors are then placed against a very clean white, or brown, backdrop. The emphasis of this style is on lightness, and its goal is to create a beachside or oceanic vibe.


Similar to a minimalist style, modern home décor is focused on a reduction of clutter and the use of clean lines. Unlike a minimalist home though, a modern style tends to be less restrictive in its use of color, not relying on neutrals but utilizing bold color swaths to accent the space. A modern-styled home will also typically have a futuristic vibe, employing the use of chrome and other neat, crisp-looking materials.

Accenting Your Space with Area Rugs Floor Coverings International OahuPick a Color

Once you’ve established the size of the rug you’re looking for and the style you are trying to match, it’s time to consider your colors. If you are struggling to settle on a color for your rug, consider the 60-30-10 rule. This rule states that 60% of your room, usually the walls, floors, and large furniture pieces, should be done in one color. 30% should be done in another, which typically includes the drapes and other smaller furniture. Finally, pillows, small lamps, and other decorative elements make up the final 10% of the room, which should utilize one last color. This is of course just a guideline and can be broken or amended based on personal taste and other design factors.

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