stained hardwood, bedroom, honluluHardwood flooring can be a perfect match for nearly any interior design concept you can find in Honolulu. But how do you pick the perfect finish for hardwood when there are countless hues and glosses available? Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the perfect finish for your hardwood floors.

Prefinished or not?

When you install hardwood flooring in your home or business, it can either come pre-finished or unfinished. Prefinished wood is already stained and covered with a protective coating in the factory so that they’re “move-in ready” as soon as they’re installed. If you choose to go with unfinished wood, then you’ll need to finish your floors on site. This means that you can customize your floors by handpicking your stains and finishes. However, installation can take longer and the sanding and finishing process will create dust and fumes that will require you to vacate the premises until the air is clear.

A World of Color

The variety of stain colors you can choose for hardwood are nearly endless. Prefinished woods will already be stained in the factory and manufacturers like our partners at Armstrong flooring provide a huge selection of popular color choices to suit a wide variety of decorating styles. The benefit of staining your wood on site is that you can experiment with usual colors like bright blue, purple, yellow, and more. It’s also possible to match preexisting stains. For example, if you want to match the existing stain color of floors in an older home. Just remember, the lighter the wood you initially have, the more distinctly it’ll take on the color of the stain.


dog on wood floor

There are a number of factors that go into picking the finish to use on your floor. Some considerations are visual aesthetic, the level of protection, and the ingredients of the finish. If you live in an active household or have pets, you will want to use several coats of a hard, low gloss finish. Multiple layers will help prevent scuffs from damaging the surface of the wood and the low gloss will help disguise the appearance of scratches. If you are particularly concerned about VOCs, you might prefer to use a water-based finish made with 100% natural ingredients. The type of finish you choose will also determine what sort of care your floors will need to be maintained. For example, an extremely glossy finish will need more frequent cleaning. Different finishes also use different sorts of cleaners, so make sure you check with the manufacturer.

If you have more questions about what would be the perfect finish for your hardwood floors contact Floor Coverings International Oahu! We will come out for a free design consultation to help you find the perfect hardwood type, color, and finish to match your decorating and lifestyle needs!

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