The movie buffs here at Floor Coverings International of Oahu are always on the lookout for interesting floors in film. Whether it’s the memorable hotel carpet from the Shining, or the grand ballroom floor from Beauty and the Beast, set dressers who don’t neglect their floors are some of our favorite things. With that in mind here are some iconic movie floors from film history.

Saturday Night Fever – Dance Floor

Perhaps the most well-known of famous movie floors, the light-up dance floor from the Disco Club, upon which Jon Travolta proved that disco never dies, is nearly a character in its own right. Bellbottoms and lapels aside, this scene (and this floor) catapulted Travolta into stardom.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Wizard’s Chess

One of the trials that Harry, Ron, and Hermione must face before reaching the Sorcerer’s Stone, the life-size (and deadly) game of Wizard’s Chess is Ron’s first chance to outshine Harry, becoming the true hero through his exceptional chess skills and heroic sacrifice. Book lovers and movie lovers alike will surely agree that this chessboard floor is deserving of recognition as well.

Wizard of Oz – The Yellow Brick Road

While the Yellow Brick Road may be more road than floor, we aren’t splitting hairs, and as such those iconic golden bricks are deserving of recognition in our list of famous film floors. Leading Dorothy to the Emerald City in her quest to return to Kansas, the Yellow Brick Road scene is one of the most well-known scenes in film history, munchkins and all.

Big – Piano Floor

This heartwarming scene from Tom Hanks shows a piano floor that responds to pressure, and the childlike joy shared in a moment of flooring fun between a 12 year old trapped in a man’s body and the owner of a toy company.