With the holidays now in full swing, parties are a frequent occurrence. While these events can be a lot of fun, if you’re hosting you may be concerned about protecting the flooring in your Honolulu, Oahu home. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your floors looking great after the party is over.Flooring Protection Honolulu Holiday Party

Prep the Floors:

Cleaning your floors before your guests arrive will keep any dirt or debris already in your home from getting ground into your flooring with the increased foot traffic. If you’re expecting a lot of people, you may want to invest in some additional mats to place on both sides of any doors that lead outside. This will help keep dirt outside where it belongs, and your floors considerably cleaner during the party.

Prep Your Guests:

While common practice in Hawaii, if you are expecting visitors from off-island, you may want to kindly ask them to remove their shoes before coming inside. Hanging a little sign by the door saying something like ‘Please remove your shoes. Mahalo!’ will help remind guests when they arrive and keep you from having to ask. You can even have some fun with it by awarding a prize for the guest with the best holiday socks. Also, think about placing a few extra pairs of house sandals near the door for anyone who might be uncomfortable going barefoot.

Prep the Area:

Spills are bound to happen at any party but planning ahead can help make clean up a lot easier. Start by using absorptive tablecloths to help stop liquids before they reach your floors. Also, make a few quick response kits, with towels and a floor-safe cleaner, and place them close to where spills are most likely to occur—near the drinks and any kid tables are two great examples. Being able to act quickly will allow you to clean up spills before they have a chance to stain your flooring and let you get back to enjoying your party.

Happy Holidays from Your Local Experts!

The team at Floor Coverings International Oahu wishes you a very happy holiday season! If you’re looking to begin your new year with a new floor in your house, start by scheduling a free in-home design consultation today!

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