Oahu chevron flooring

A new year means a new you, but a new year can also mean a new floor! Has your bathroom been looking drab and boring lately? Time to try new tile! Are you sick of your old carpet? Let’s lay some hardwood! But it’s 2015, let’s shake things up and try something trendy. Here at Floor Coverings International of Oahu, we like to keep an eye on the flooring industry trends, and one of the looks we’re loving currently is chevron patterned floors.

What is a Chevron?

If your first thought upon reading that last paragraph was confusion about what a gas company has to do with flooring patterns, don’t worry! Those who aren’t heavily involved in design might not be familiar with the term ‘chevron’ outside of its corporate connotations. But chevron is actually a term used to describe a type of repetitive triangular pattern. The word ‘chevron’ is derived from Old French and Latin, meaning ‘goat’ (like chevre, or goat cheese). How it came to be associated with the chevron pattern is that the Latin word for rafters was very similar to that for goats, and chevron patterns mimic the look of rafters to some extent. A chevron is formed when tiles or planks of the same size and trapezoidal shape are placed in parallel ‘V’-patterns to form repetitive arrowhead zig-zags. Note that while they are similar, chevrons are not the same as herringbone. While chevron tiles meet end to end, herringbone tiles touch with the short end of one tile meeting the long end of another tile, so that they lie perpendicular to each other.

Chevron Patterns in Flooring

Chevron is a perfect style for use with tile or hardwoods. If you want to add a touch of class to your bathroom, try out ceramic or glass tiles in a chevron pattern. Chevron is also a great way to bring some originality to an otherwise commonplace hardwood floor. Creating a chevron pattern from the wood planks is a form of parquetry, and will make for dramatic and beautiful flooring.

To learn more about how to incorporate chevron patterns into your flooring, call Floor Coverings International of Oahu and Honolulu today!