Tired of the straight and narrow when it comes to your hardwood floors? You’re not alone! Instead of the standard horizontal plank installation, a growing number of Honolulu owners are using custom plank layouts to create a unique flooring look that takes their interior decorating to the next level. Here are four patterns, ranging from bold to intricate, to help you get inspired. Keep reading to learn more from Floor Coverings International Oahu!


diagonal hardwood plank floors

One way to change things up is to install floorboards on the diagonal. This eye-catching layout creates long visual lines that help to enlarge visual space. It’s a great choice to open up smaller rooms and the unexpected orientation will draw attention to the beauty of your wood flooring.


herringbone floor pattern

Laying planks out in broken zigzag pattern, where the end of one floorboard is placed on the side of another board at an angle, forms the herringbone pattern. Traditionally this pattern is created using strip flooring, (which are boards less than 3 inches wide), but we’ve seen an increasing number of people using wider boards for a scaled up version. This charming design has a vintage appearance and is a great way to help contemporary spaces feel more inviting. One idea would be to use herringbone wood flooring as an alternative to tile in places like the kitchen or hallways.


chevron floor pattern

The chevron pattern shares some similarities to the herringbone layout, but the board ends are cut at an angle. This difference creates a pointed “V” pattern that travel down the length of the room instead of forming a zigzag across the space. The chevron pattern is a popular choice for owners who like the intricacy of the herringbone pattern but want cleaner lines.


mosaic parquet floor

Another popular wood floor pattern is the mosaic, or parquet, layout. In this design, wood slates are used to form a pattern of squares that gives the floor a checkerboard appearance. A more contemporary variation uses larger boards to prevent the pattern from becoming overwhelming.

Due to their complexity, hardwood floor patterns require professional installation to ensure everything is laid out correctly. When properly installed, these layouts can enhance the beauty of your wood floors and create a unique look in your space. Interested in learning more? Call Floor Coverings International Oahu to schedule a free design consultation. We proudly serve greater Honolulu, Oahu and will come out for a free design consultation!

Photo Credits (in order): Santiago Cornejo, Hanohiki, Jovana Veljkovic, Basileus