Hardwood flooring is a beautiful way to add elegance and value to your Honolulu home or business. When it comes to selecting a hardwood, one important aspect to consider is the plank size. The wood type, finish, and plank size work together to create the style of the floor, which in turn can dramatically affect the overall look of your space. We’ll go over three major categories of plank sizes and how you can utilize them in your own wood floor project. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu!

chevron wood floor, floor coverings international oahuStrip Flooring

When people talk about “standard” wood flooring, they usually mean strip flooring. This refers to wood planks less than 3 inches wide and represents the most common size available on the market. Strip flooring is available in almost any wood type and is perfect for creating chevron and herringbone floor patterns — both of which have experienced revivals in recent times for their unique, yet classic, appearance.

Plank Flooring

plank wood floor, floor coverings international oahuPlank flooring has become a popular choice in recent years for its clean and open look. Plank flooring generally refers to boards that are 3 to 7 inches wide and is a great way to increase the visual space of the room. You can browse our online showroom to see some of the options available from our manufacturing partners. You can also combine different plank sizes to create a custom look for your floor.

Wide Plank

wide plank wood floors, floor coverings international oahuWide plank floor boards are 8 inches wide or more. When selecting wide plank flooring make sure to consider both the width and the length of the boards. The goal of wide plank flooring is to create a spacious feeling by limiting the number of visible seams. Having a bunch of wide, but short, wood planks defeats that purpose. It’s also important to note that wide plank flooring is available in a more limited selection of wood types than strip flooring or regular plank flooring.

Curious how different plank sizes might change the look or feel of your space? Contact Floor Coverings International Oahu today and schedule a free design consultation! Our mobile design unit will come out to your location so you can see samples in context and decide what works best for you. We proudly serve the Honolulu, Oahu area!

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