Hardwood can make for gorgeous, timeless, flooring, but a critical element of any hardwood floor is the color. Since it makes up the largest single element in a room, flooring will heavily dictate the ambience of a space, making it appear warm, rustic, expansive, cozy, formal, or any other quality. When it comes to choosing a hardwood color it’s important to remember that the final appearance isn’t necessarily decided by the color of the wood itself, but rather by how the wood is stained and finished. Today we’re taking a look some popular hardwood stains and how you can choose the best match for your Honolulu home!

Oahu hardwood stain

Playing With Color

Mixing and matching floorboards with different stains like honey, walnut, expresso, etc., can create a lot of visual interest in a space. It’s a style that works with both modern and vintage decoration schemes. The trick is to emphasize the contrast between different planks. This will help different colors pop and transform your floor into a bold design statement.

Au Naturel

The honest glow of a quaint, natural (i.e. light) hardwood floor with a matte finish offers a vision of simplicity to the eye. Homeowners who prefer a feeling of openness and relaxation may want to explore this style. Natural stains have becoming increasingly popular for low maintenance owners, since they help disguise nicks and scratches. An important design consideration is that this emphasizes the beauty of the wood itself. For this reason it’s important that high-quality planks be used to create visual interest — otherwise, the floor will simply look dull.

Oahu hardwood stain

Dark and Luxurious

Dark stains like expresso, dark walnut, ebony, and Jacobean continue to be a popular choice for owners who want a cool, slightly formal, modern space. Because dark wood flooring is more difficult to maintain (nicks and scuffs are much more noticeable), it’s a style that is more heavily embraced by households without children or pets. 

Bringing the Flavor to Your Home

Floor Coverings International Oahu can provide your Honolulu home with a hardwood floor, whether you want it modified by staining or preserved in its natural state. Call us at the number below or schedule your free in-home consultation with us today! We proudly serve Honolulu, Oahu, and surrounding areas.


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