Honolulu HI hardwoodInstalling hardwood flooring can be one of the best investments a Honolulu homeowner makes in their lifetime. Hardwood floors add timeless warmth to any room while increasing the resale value of your home. Looking for new hardwood? At Floor Coverings International Oahu, we stay on top of the latest trends in flooring. Here are some trends we noticed in 2016 that are sure to last into the New Year.

Plank Size

Hardwood flooring planks have changed drastically since the two-and-a-half inch wide planks produced at the turn of the century. Planks are becoming shorter and wider, with some planks as wide as 12 inches! Wider planks create a contemporary, airy feel. Depending on the finish, they can also contribute to an authentic, rural look.

Another major trend of 2016 is mixed-with (or random-width) hardwood. The variety of sizes feels natural and historic. Despite the moniker, most manufacturers offer a selection of preset widths. Having a floor with the same width of plank is a relatively new phenomena brought about by the mass manufacturing of hardwood. Mixed-width is more efficient because additional planks can be extracted out of the same tree.

Flooring Finishes

Some of our customers are asking for darker and darker finishes for their hardwood, as it brings out the natural wood grain and creates an elegant atmosphere. Others prefer to whitewash their floors, giving the hardwood a grey hue.

Rustic, weathered floors are increasingly popular with Honolulu, Oahu area residents who embrace the “cottage chic” aesthetic. Hardwood is often wire-brushed to created a distressed look.

Hardwood Everywhere

Homeowners are increasingly opting for hardwood floors throughout their houses. Hardwood is no longer relegated to living and dining rooms. Since it lends itself well to open concepts, we increasingly install hardwood in kitchens and even bathrooms. Long gone are the days where doorways mark the border between tile and hardwood.

Floor Coverings International Oahu takes great pride in being Honolulu’s trusted source for flooring trends. Call today for a free in-home design consultation.

Photo © Artazum