At Floor Coverings International Oahu, we love to bring you creative insight and perspectives from some of the Internet’s most successful design bloggers. Our latest interview features feng shui design blogger Dana Claudat of The Tao of Dana. You can follow Dana on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

The Tao of Dana

What’s one of your favorite design pieces you have in your own home?

My favorite things right now are a mid century teak bookcase that is overflowing with books and plants and a handira (Moroccan Wedding Blanket) that was gifted by a dear friend, found for me in Morocco.

What is your favorite design trend of 2016?

I’m not big on trends.  I do like the idea that Pantone named the colors of the year after crystals and peace: Rose quartz and Serenity. I try to stay in the lane of classic style.  As far as innovations, I am obsessing a bit over Walls Need Love peel and stick wallpapers.

Do you follow any other blogs for inspiration?  If so, which ones?

I’m a huge fan of Justina Blakeney‘s design. I read a lot of eclectic blogs- from Astrostyle from the Astrotwins to wellness on Mind Body Green.  Design is an extension of personality so for people who say they aren’t into design, I just don’t see how that’s possible if you’re into living!

Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

Right now, I’m in the midst of expanding my online Feng Shui camps.  I do two a year, one focused on abundance (Cash Camp) and one on clearing all of life’s clutter (Catalyst Camp).  They are really building themselves as the groups are now so big and so committed and deeply connected.  I’m consistently blown away by the power of immersion. If you love something and immerse yourself in it, change happens so quickly.  I’m not one for dabbling; I like to dive in and create, and as these camps grow they’re becoming their own force in design.

My most core design principle is following your feelings. We’ve been cut off from feeling, entrenched in lots of information, noise, over communication, pressure and action. Immersive experiences let you withdraw from all that chaos and tap into what you love, rediscovering talents, energies and desires that may have gotten lost in the daily chaos.

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