People have been making carpets for a long time and a whole set of terminology has developed to describe the intricacies of this ancient craft. As you might imagine, all this trade jargon can make things a bit confusing for modern buyers on the hunt for new carpet for their Honolulu home. Fortunately the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu are here to help! Below we’ve compiled a quick guide to the basic carpet terms you actually need to know. Keep reading to learn more!

carpet texture samplesTalking About Carpet Styles

Pile — the length of the individual yarn strand. The pile length plays an important role in the texture and durability of your carpet.

Closed Loop — a style of carpet where the yarn fibers are woven into a series of loops, creating a springy, resilient surface. Berber carpet is a classic example of this style.

Cut pile— the yarn loops are cut to expose the ends of the fibers. Some popular examples of cut pile carpeting include frieze, which has a slightly shaggy look, and short pile plush carpeting, which has a luxurious texture reminiscent of velvet.

Combination cut and loop pile – pretty much like the name says. This style of carpet takes advantage of both cut piles and closed loops to create unique patterns and interesting textures.

Fiber Type —Synthetic fibers are a popular option for carpets because of their stain resistance and durability. However, concerns about off-gassing and renewability have resulted in the growing popularity of natural fiber options – such as sisal, wool, or synthetic/natural blends. The fiber type plays a large role in determining how a carpet will react to moisture, staining, and wear.

tropical room carpetTalking About Carpet Maintenance

Crushing/Matting — this refers to the process where carpet fibers get worn down, frayed, and knotted as the carpet is used.

Shedding —when bits of the yarn fiber break free as the carpet is vacuumed and walked upon. Shedding is particularly common with new carpets and usually diminishes after a few months. The type of fiber plays a large role in how much a carpet will shed.

Resiliency — a useful terms when discussing how well a carpet will hold up to crushing, staining, and shedding.

Your Local Flooring Experts

Knowing these terms can help quickly you to perfect carpet for your lifestyle needs. To make things even easier, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu! We’ll come out with a wide select of carpet samples for a free, on location, design consultation! We proudly serve the greater Honolulu area.

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