When choosing hardwood floors for your home, you have the option of selecting prefinished or site-finished wood planks. This is an important decision to make, and the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu are here to help! Learn more about site-finished and prefinished wood floors below, and discover which one is perfect for your home.

What’s The Difference?

The finish of hardwood refers to how it is prepared and refined as flooring. This involves many different steps, including stain, gloss, sealant, and more. Prefinished wood planks are completely finished before they ever reach your home. Once the wood planks are installed, your new floors are done! Site-finished flooring refers to wood planks that are finished after they are installed in your home. Once the planks are installed, our experts will finish your floors on-site. 

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Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood 


The greatest benefit that attracts customers to prefinished flooring is convenience. Since your wood floors are already finished prior to installation, the total time it takes to prepare your news floors is cut down. With site-finished floors, it can take weeks for the finish to dry and set. Until then, your floors cannot be walked on.

No Chemical Exposure

The finishing process involves numerous chemicals and sealants. These pose no risks once the finish is dry and set. However, with site-finished floors, the finish must be applied within your home. Proper ventilation and time for the finish to set will minimize exposure, but these chemical finishes will still need to be applied in your home and may linger.

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Benefits of Site-Finished Flooring 


Site-finishing your floors allow you more control over the end product. You can personalize many different aspects that impact the appearance of your floors: gloss level, stain color, and more. Many exotic and rarer woods are also unavailable as prefinished floors, so opting for on-site finishing allows you more options when selecting a hardwood species.


Prefinished wood planks are finished individually, while site-finished floors are finished at the same time. This creates ideal uniformity, with minimally noticeable grooves between planks. Site-finished floors are also ideal if you want to match new hardwood to old hardwood in other areas of your home. 

Get Started in Oahu Today

To learn more about prefinished and site-finished flooring, give the Floor Coverings International Oahu team a call! We’re happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your home. Book a free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Honolulu, Oahu, and surrounding areas. 

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