Oahu Travertine flooringTravertine is a type of flooring that is not always well known among homeowners. It’s a natural stone that has been used in famous buildings, such as the Colosseum in Rome. It is classified as a limestone and sometimes known as travertine marble. At Floor Coverings International of Oahu, our experts are here to inform you about the different types of flooring that are available to you, including travertine. Read on for the pros and cons of travertine flooring.

Travertine flooring is extremely durable. The Colosseum has been around for many years and though it has worn down due to abuse from its visitors, it still stands 2000 years later. Travertine can withstand extreme temperatures, which makes it a great option for an area such as Oahu. This type of flooring is also easy to clean. Sweeping and mopping the area weekly is all you need to keep the dirt away. A last benefit to add is the fact that this type of flooring can dramatize your home. Travertine flooring reflects the look the marble, giving your home the effect of looking like a palace.

As always, with the good comes the bad. There are just a couple of disadvantages to consider when making your decision about travertine flooring. One is that it can be slippery. If you have a pool, indoor or outdoor, this may not be the best flooring choice for dripping children and guests. This could potentially cause injuries when adding water to an already slick floor. The second disadvantage is that travertine flooring is fairly porous, meaning it can be sensitive to cleaning products. It’s best to not use acidic products on this flooring type, as it could leave a stain. As long as you pay are careful with those few things, travertine flooring is very easy to care for.

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Photo Credit: Rudy Umans