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Living in Honolulu can feel like paradise, but it does come with some home maintenance challenges — particularly when it comes to hardwood flooring. Changing humidity, salty air, and lack of regular maintenance can ruin the look of hardwood by causing warping and buckling. Here are some tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu on how to restore your hardwood floors when they start looking out of shape.

Single Board Quick Fix

This works best if there are only one or two problem boards. First, check if you can easily press the warped plank of wood back down by foot. If so, moisten the strip of wood and place a heavy brick on it to hold it down while it dries. Once it stays down, add an extra wood nail to keep it attached to the subfloor.

Sanding and Refinishing Warped Boards

Depending on the thickness of the plank, you may be able to sand out the warp of the board, bringing the surface back to flush with the surrounding floor. However, if you have previously had your hardwood floors sanded and refinished, the boards may not be thick enough to be sanded again.

Replace Buckling Boards

There are times the floorboards have warped to the point where they have popped out the fasteners for tongue and groove flooring. In this case, it is easier to remove the planks and replace them with new wood that matches the style and color of the existing floor.

Even if things look hopeless, repairing warped hardwood flooring in your Honolulu home could be possible. Consult with the flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Oahu to help determine the cause of the buckling and decide on the best solution. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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