oahu mosaic glass tileMosaic tile flooring is renowned for its spectacular visuals. Formed by the arrangement of many small, vibrantly colored pieces, mosaic tile is both a dazzling work of art and a high-quality option for flooring. Today the mosaic admirers at Floor Coverings International Oahu take a look at this bold flooring statement and discuss some of its pros and cons for Honolulu, Oahu homeowners in search of a floor to beautify their living space.

No Qualms About Cleaning

Mosaic tiles are a simple thing to clean because of how resilient they are to cleaning agents. Unlike the precautions a homeowner might take with other flooring materials like hardwood, there is little that can stain or blemish the shining clarity of glass mosaic tiles. These tiles are also resistant to mold and similar unwanted developments that can plague floors. While glass tiles are beautiful, they do warrant some caution as the impact of a heavy object could cause cracks!

The Sneaky Slip

A concern for glass mosaic tile owners is the potential for slippage. When these tiles are wet, they become slick. This can make them difficult to walk on safely. Throw a towel down quickly to manage spills and keep a safe walking space on your glass tile floor. In certain rooms you may benefit from the placement of a non-slip area rug.

Vibrant and Valuable

Glass mosaic is uncommon and elegant, and it can be customized very specifically to fit the vision of your dream floor! If your long-term plans involve selling a home, installation of artful glass mosaic could potentially drive the price upward. The flip-side of this is that the installation of glass mosaic tile tends to be more expensive than alternative flooring.

oahu mosaic glass tileEco-Friendly Flooring

Glass tile takes roughly half the energy required to produce similar ceramic tile, so it is the more environmentally friendly choice of the two. Glass tile can also be salvaged from glass refuse, consuming less raw material from the environment.

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