Colored Marble Tile in Oahu

Marble has been a popular design choice for thousands of years with ancient Greeks and Romans using marble in their architecture and sculptures. Today the marble look and texture has expanded into numerous design sectors including fashion, interior, print, and even web design. Marble, in particular white marble, has a timeless quality that will ensure its use in your home will not go out of style. With that being said, colored marble is also gaining popularity in use. Below are three methods to implement colored marble in your Honolulu home.

Natural, Rustic Design

With any natural stone tile option, Honolulu homeowners have the choice of going for a natural, rustic look. This contrasts a choice of glass or ceramic tiles, which create a more modern, trendy look. When using marble tile for this look its recommend to use a honed finish instead of polished.

For more inspiration in designing a natural living space, check out our interview with natural design blogger, Lisa, and her blog, Natural Modern Interiors. Lisa recommends mixing natural materials with eclectic pieces collected while traveling or other items that show your inspiration and individuality.

Luxury Marble Tile

Classic Luxury Design

Because marble has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks, its no surprise that it lends to a classic design. Polished marble tile flooring is an excellent choice for a formal dining area. Or use it on the bathroom floor and shower walls for an elegant master bath. Installing tile walls in rooms outside the bathroom has become a popular choice, and this can bring a luxurious feel to any room.

Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Tile

Another excellent way to use marble in your Honolulu home is in extended indoor/outdoor tile. This couples the living areas to provide a welcoming, airy look. Use this to extend from the kitchen to an outdoor dining area, or extend into an outdoor entertainment area. This is a great look for hosting dinner parties or for summer meals. Honed marble is recommended for this use to prevent a slippery outdoor area.

Start Your Next Tile Project Today

If you are looking to transform your living space with colored marble tile, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu. We’ll help make your vision a reality starting with a free in-home design consultation and ending with your flooring installation being completed by our experience installers.

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