Is it time to refinish your hardwood floors? It can seem like a daunting task but is an important step for maintaining the beautiful hardwood in your home. One of the huge benefits of hardwood floors is their longevity and they should be refinished every seven to ten years. Refinishing a hardwood floor is a specialized process that should be done by a team of flooring professionals. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect when the experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu refinish the hardwood in your Honolulu home.

Step One: Cleaning

Your refinishing team will prep your floor by cleaning it thoroughly. They will seal off the doors and windows to make sure that dust is contained in the room they are refinishing. This protects the rest of your home from the soon-to-be dusty process.

Hardwood floor refinishing in Oahu

The Floor Coverings International Oahu Team hard a work.

Step Two: Sanding

Next, they will bring in a special machine to sand the floor. This is where the original or previous finish is sanded off and turned into a loose powder. The perimeter of your floor will be hand sanded to ensure no spots are left where the machine may have missed them. Your flooring team will work hard to wear through all the existing finish down to the bare wood. This requires a lot of elbow grease!

Step Three: Cleaning (again)

Once the entire floor has been sanded down, your team will vacuum up all the leftover powder. They wear special masks to keep from inhaling any dust in the process.

Step Four: Applying the finish

Now for the fun part: applying the new finish! There are many types of finishes and the team at Floor Coverings International Oahu will help you figure out which finish will be best for your floor. Several coats of the new finish will be applied. Since these fumes are toxic, your team will wear special respirators. It’s probably a good idea to leave you home during this process. Think of it as an excuse to go out to dinner!

Step Five: The Big Reveal!

Now for the waiting game. Your team will clean everything up and allow for the new finish to completely dry. Then before you know it, it will be time to reveal your “just-like-new” floors!

Hardwood floor refinishing in Oahu

Instant gratification!

Want More Information?

Check out more photos from one of our latest hardwood refinishing jobs in Honolulu. Then, if you think it’s time to refinish the hardwood floors in your home, give the team at Floor Coverings International Oahu a call! We are dedicated to providing the best flooring service possible and taking care of our customers like family.

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