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At Floor Coverings International Oahu, we offer more than just stunning flooring options for our customers. We also offer backsplashes that are both functional and beautiful. Once there is a backsplash installed in your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll know exactly what you’ve been missing!

Bathroom BacksplashBenefits of Backsplashes

Despite the style a backsplash adds to a kitchen or bathroom, they have more of a purpose than just looking pretty. Backsplashes are designed to protect your walls from water damage as well as damage caused by food and cooking oil splatter.

A backsplash is also intended to save you time. Instead of soaking up water or scrubbing walls to remove food residue, with a backsplash you simply wipe up all messes or spills with ease. This reduces the time spent cleaning as well as the need to worry about mold caused by water damage on walls.

With a backsplash, your home may even naturally smell nicer. Painted walls or wallpaper can absorb kitchen odors, but a backsplash can help prevent this from occurring. One of the best benefits is that a new backsplash can serve as modern decor in two rooms that can be hard to decorate.

Different Types of Backsplashes

There are many options when it comes to installing new backsplashes and countless choices when deciding on colors and design. A tile backsplash is a wonderful choice if your priority is a unique design or pattern with lots of color. Tile backsplashes are highly customizable to fit the atmosphere and decor of your home. A natural stone backsplash is classy and modern. A brick backsplash can give your home a rustic and sophisticated feel. A copper or tin backsplash is bold and bright while granite backsplashes are elegant and naturally colorful. There are also self-adhesive backsplashes for the DIY-ers who want a weekend project.

Do You Want a Backsplash?

Floor Coverings International in Honolulu is the local expert on backsplashes. We offer free design consultations, estimates, and can answer any questions and make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. Call us today for any and all of your flooring or backsplash needs!


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