A dark colored hardwood is extremely versatile and can complement every type of home décor. The experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu want to help you decide if Brazilian cherry hardwood belongs in your Honolulu home.

Benefits of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood in Honolulu Floor Coverings International OahuLike other hardwoods, Brazilian cherry flooring can help increase the value of your home. Hardwoods are popular amongst homebuyers, so the installation of beautiful, dark wood flooring can make your house more attractive if and when it comes time to sell.

This particular species of wood is one of the more water-resistant and durable hardwood options available for your home. The Janka Hardness Scale, which rates the relative hardness of woods, lists Brazilian cherry as a 2350, one of the highest rated hardwoods on the scale. This tool of measurement is helpful because it gives a general indicator of the estimated durability of the wood species. For the most part, the harder the wood, the more durable it is, and the better it will hold up to higher levels of foot traffic. Because Brazilian cherry has such a high rating, it is more durable than other species of woods and does exceptionally well in high-trafficked areas of the house. Additionally, its tolerance for water makes it a great floor to use in areas where hardwood might not otherwise be an option.

Where Should I Use Brazilian Cherry?

Because Brazilian cherry is an extremely versatile shade, it can be used with essentially every color scheme and décor. But, it is important to consider the lighting in your space. Since Brazilian cherry is such a dark wood, it has the ability to make spaces feel cave-like if there is not enough light in the room. To avoid this, consider placing these floors in rooms with large windows, adding several light sources, and pairing the dark flooring with brighter colors.

You can also incorporate Brazilian cherry into your home by altering its coloring with a number of wood stains. To eliminate some of the red, add a dark water-based stain, and to emphasize the light brown tones, select a pecan or chestnut-colored stain for the wood. These are just two of the many staining options available to highlight or deemphasize certain attributes of your Brazilian cherry flooring.

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