Do you love the look of naturally aged wood and want to include its beautiful imperfections in your Honolulu home? If so, you should take a look at distressed hardwood flooring. Artistically crafted to create a weathered appearance, distressed hardwood flooring looks similar to reclaimed hardwood, but is more easily available since it’s created by manufacturers. This vintage aesthetic is a popular choice around Honolulu, especially for remodeling older structures around the island. Keep reading to learn more about distressed hardwood from Floor Coverings International Oahu!

distressed hardwood flooring honolulu

Intentional Flaws in Honolulu Hardwood Floors

One problem with antique flooring is the risk of undetected damage caused by mold, dry rot and bugs. However, you can easily achieve the the antique look by using distressed hardwood, which is made of present day, treated, wood or as engineered hardwood flooring. There are a number of methods manufactures utilize to artificially age and weather the planks without hurting their structural soundness.

  • Distressing: a machine roughens the surface of the board with a series of nicks, dents, and grooves to create that characteristic “well-used” look of vintage flooring.
  • Scratches: A wire brush is used to create light scratches that are almost always present on older floor boards.
  • Saw Marks: When hardwood flooring planks used to be cut by hand, cutting mistakes meant leftover saw marks. Today, these strategically placed saw marks are no accident!
  • Brush Strokes: As an old floor is refinshed or exposed to different amounts of sunlight over time, its color develops varying tones. Manufactures create this effect for distressed hardwood by using different weighted brush strokes while staining the plank.distressed hardwood flooring honolulu
  • Aging: The color of a hardwood floor can be a clue to its age. Sometimes the marks mentioned above are filled in with a darker color to emphasize them. Other times, the flooring will have intentional fading or darkening in various areas to create a weathered look.

Beautiful and Functional Hardwood Floors

Distressed hardwood flooring is popular because it instantly adds a lived-in, rustic character to a space. Each plank is unique and it creates visual interest as our eyes explore the varying surface texture. Distressed hardwood floors can also be a great choice for homes with children and pets. Accidental scratches or scrapes from your loved ones only add character and the intentional imperfections will perfectly camouflage any new ones.

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