hickory hardwood oahu and honoluluDurable and distinct hickory hardwood could be the perfect option for your Oahu home. This long-lasting hardwood is ideal for active homes and homeowners seeking a natural, rustic vibe. Floor Coverings International Oahu is proud to connect Honolulu, Oahu, and surrounding areas with hickory hardwood. Keep reading to learn more!

Characteristics of Hickory Hardwood


With a score of 1800 on the Janka Hardness Scale, hickory is one of the most durable hardwood species for your home. Wood with a higher score is more resilient to scratching, denting, and daily wear-and-tear. Hickory hardwood has a higher score than red oak, white oak, and birch.  


As a species populous across North America, hickory hardwood is one of the more affordable hardwoods available. This is doubly true if you consider the lifespan of hickory. As a result of its exceptional durability, hickory hardwood will withstand the test of time. This makes hickory hardwood a smart investment for your home.

Visually Appealing

Homeowners love the natural and unique appearance of hickory hardwood. Available in a variety of stunning shades – blonde, deep gold, and rich brown – hickory can be used to create numerous distinctive looks for your home. The darker grain pattern of hickory sets it apart from other hardwoods, giving it a natural and rustic charm.

Hickory Hardwood Options

We’re proud to connect homeowners with hickory hardwood both as engineered planks or solid planks. Solid hickory planks are composed entirely of hickory. Engineered planks are a more affordable option, composed of a hickory top layer and a plywood center. Engineered hickory hardwood is almost more resistant to water and humid conditions. 

hickory wood floors honolulu and oahu

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To learn more about hickory hardwood, give the Floor Coverings International Oahu team a call! We’re happy to connect Oahu homeowners with various hardwood options. Book a free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Honolulu, Oahu and surrounding areas.

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