walnut hardwood flooringIf you’re considering installing hardwood floors, but want something a bit richer than the golden tones of oak or maple, you should consider using walnut. This domestic hardwood offers a dark, nut brown color full of unique graining. Its luxurious appearance works wonderfully with contemporary home decor, whether you enjoy open concept or a more mixed industrial look for your Honolulu home.

Appearance and Durability

Walnut flooring can be obtained in a range of hues from a warm tan all the way to a black coffee appearance. Available as both pre-finished strips and cut planks, the distinctive swirls and bold graining of walnut flooring makes it a more unique choice when compared to other domestic hardwoods. This creates a floor full of texture and visual interest, perfect for a rustic restored home or loft conversion.

While not quite as hard as oak, walnut still has a Janka hardness rating of 1100, making it more than twice as durable as pine. When properly installed and cared for, walnut hardwood flooring can last twenty years before it needs refinishing and up to fifty years before it might need to be replaced. Using a satin or matte finish will highlight the wood’s rich luster, enhancing the beauty of your home.

Cost and Maintenance

walnut flooring sample, floor coverings international oahuCaring for walnut hardwood flooring is a simple. When the wood is properly sealed, most spills can be easily wiped up without leaving any stains. Sweep and mop it periodically with a gentle wood cleaner to remove dirt build-up. As with all wood flooring, scratches will appear over time, but instead of installing an entirely new floor, you can sand and refinish walnut flooring for a much lower cost — restoring its beauty for years to come.

Unfinished solid walnut flooring generally starts around $4.00 sq. ft. and can run up to $9.00 sq. ft., in addition to installation and finishing costs. Northern American walnut is found at the lower end of the price scale, while wider planks and walnuts types imported from South America are more expensive.

If you would like to see how walnut hardwood flooring might look in your space, contact Floor Coverings International Oahu today! Our flooring experts will come with samples for a free, in-home, design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Honolulu area and will help you find the best flooring choice for your space and lifestyle needs.

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