Marble Tile in OahuAt Floor Coverings International Oahu, we provide a vast selection of tile options due to our partnerships with national manufactures. Marble is part of our selection of natural stone tile and may be a great choice for your Oahu home.

What Is Marble?

Briefly jumping into geology, marble belongs to the metamorphic class of rocks meaning the original rock was subject to intense heat and pressure changing its appearance and chemistry to produce marble. Metamorphic rocks can be grouped into two different types known as foliated, which possess texture, and non-foliated, which are smooth. Marble is non-foliated making it valuable for several different human uses such as sculpture and architecture.

Marble Tile Flooring

Marble tile has been used for thousands of years. It is described as elegant and sophisticated and comes in a variety of sizes from large rectangles to smaller mosaics. Marble also comes in a wide range of texture and color options from light creams to grays and blacks and even striking reds. Its finish comes in two options: polished or honed, with a polished finish being more slippery. Area rugs are recommended for polished marble flooring.

While marble tile is beautiful, marble can be a higher maintenance option. Periodic refinishing is recommended. Marble is also a softer stone making it prone to scratching. High heels, pets, and furniture all pose a risk for marble flooring. Also marble can stain easily from food and drink spills, even water. However, this can provide a unique aging effect when desirable.

Is Marble Tile Right For My Home?

Now you may have a better understanding of marble tile with both its benefits and challenges, and you may still wonder if it is right for your home. With Floor Coverings International Oahu you can schedule a free in-home design consultation with our expert Design Associates. We proudly serve the Honolulu, Oahu area and can bring marble tile samples straight to you.

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