Used as a building material since ancient eras, natural stone is a beautiful, timeless, and durable option for your home. Floor Coverings International Oahu is proud to connect Honolulu homeowners with a variety of natural stone options. Keep reading to learn more!

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Few materials can beat the distinct elegance of marble tile. This unique natural stone can be used to create a spa-like retreat or add a touch of luxury to any room. White marble is the most popular variety, but marble is also available in a variety of different shades, including black, red, gray, and even green.

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Granite tile blends distinct beauty with long-lasting durability. Available in shades of red, tan, white, and black, granite can be used to create various distinct looks for your home. The natural speckled pattern of granite sets it apart from other natural stones and makes it a popular option among Honolulu homeowners.

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Understated in appearance compared to distinctive marble or granite, slate tile nonetheless provides a natural and rustic beauty. Slate is ideal for bringing the durability and strength of stone into your home. Slate tile naturally spans many shades of gray, and can also include warm tones of brown mixed throughout. If durability is your primary concern, slate is an excellent option. This stone is harder than marble, travertine, and sandstone, and is on par with granite.

travertine tile flooring Honolulu hawaii


The neutral palette of travertine is warmer than other natural stones, supplying natural charm to any area. Travertine is more porous than granite and slate, so if you intend to use travertine in high-humidity areas, it’s important to seal it properly. Our team of flooring experts can help you install travertine tile that will withstand damage from water.

sandstone tile flooring honolulu hawaii


The tan color palette of sandstone is similar to travertine, but the unique patterns set it apart. Sandstone tile has a wavy pattern that will look beautiful in any home. The color variation found within sandstone can be subtle to striking, making this a versatile and stylish material.

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