Slate Flooring Oahu
At Floor Coverings International Oahu we want you to know about all of our beautiful flooring options! Natural stone floors are durable and gorgeous. Slate flooring is one of our favorites because of the beauty and benefits it has to offer!

What Is Slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock found in its natural state throughout the world. It’s natural coloring can vary. It’s found in many different colors such as purple, green, pink, red, and yellow. Slate is very durable and is composed of clay and other natural minerals like quartz, calcite, hematite, and pyrite.

Slate Tile FlooringSlate Floor Tile Oahu

Slate is often made into slate floor tiles, which can be purchased in squares or various shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces. They’re colorful, textured, and unique. Homeowners can choose to have a slate floor in one primary color, but multi-colored slate flooring is a beautiful option as well. Because slate flooring is made by nature, every slate floor is distinctive and exceptionally beautiful.

One of the best things about slate floor tile is that it’s durable. Slate is resistant to both fire and water, which also makes it a wonderful choice for a backsplash or wall tile. Natural stone flooring can be cold in the mornings or winters, but radiant heating or area rugs are two solutions to provide warmth. While slate floors are attractive, they are not low-maintenance. There are many things to remember about the care and upkeep of slate flooring. Make sure to ask about proper care and maintenance for the slate flooring in your home.

Slate Laminate Flooring

Some homeowners love the appearance of slate flooring but could do without the cost and upkeep. Slate laminate flooring is a wonderful alternative to natural slate flooring. Slate laminate floors are created to imitate slate flooring and can even be textured. They’re created with fiberboard, resin, and a high-resolution slate image. They are not natural stone, but they are lovely, inexpensive, and low-maintenance.

Whatever flooring you decide on, Floor Coverings International in Honolulu is here to help! We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates to ensure a great flooring experience.


Photo Credits: John Wollwerth & Kunal Mehta