wood look tile HonoluluYou probably already know that people love hardwood floors because they add a rustic charm and natural warmth to any room. But you’ve probably also heard that hardwood can be difficult to care for when it comes to damage caused by furniture, water, kids, and pets. The truth is that hardwood can be great for some environments, but many Honolulu homeowners need a flooring material that can stand up to higher traffic and more demanding use.

The experts at Floor Coverings International Oahu are excited to offer an innovative alternative to traditional hardwood: wood look tile. Read on to find out what this special variety of tile is all about!

What Is Wood Look Tile?

Unlike other forms of tile and stone flooring, wood look tile can mimic the texture, color, and grain of hardwood flooring. How is this accomplished? Each tile features a high-resolution print, and the high-end versions of wood look tile can have more than a hundred distinct faces. The overall effect is a floor that so precisely simulates the appearance of a hardwood, the naked eye will have a hard time detecting anything that looks like tile.

The tiles are typically made of ceramic, or more specifically, a ceramic called porcelain. While there are other types of ceramic available for wood look tile, choose porcelain if you want a stronger tile with a higher break point.

Benefits Of Wood Look Tile

wood look tile Honolulu

One of the biggest advantages of wood look tile is that it has the appearance of hardwood along with the advanced durability and abrasion resistance of porcelain. But there are many other reasons to choose these beautiful tiles for your Honolulu home!

Here are some other major benefits of wood look tile:

  • Tiles can be cut into almost any size or shape
  • Rectified edges reduce appearance of grout
  • Unlike hardwood, no vulnerability to water
  • Heightened scratch resistance
  • Ability to mimic virtually any type of wood
  • High-tech printing allows for intricate color and texture variations

Is Wood Look Tile Right For My Home?

Maybe now you have a better understanding of what this material has to offer – but every home and family are different, so the best way to know if wood look tile is right for you is to schedule a free consultation with the Floor Coverings International Oahu experts. We’re proud to serve the greater Honolulu, Oahu area, so we can bring our mobile showroom straight to you. Give us a call today to get started on your next project!

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