The representative was wonderful communicator and how it started the project was good as I was told. Unfortunately, I wan't able to see the finish by not live there. The finished photo was sent by my Realtor looks good. Thank you, Hiko
Hiroko Hagen
Malia knew much about the product and was professional and friendly. She also helped me make a big decision on the layout of my koa vinyl planks that made the room look wider since I wanted to keep this small room look as large as possible. Frank and his team did a good job and didn’t leave a mess as some installers can do. Frank and Malia both contacted me for follow up on my satisfaction with the install and product. I love the new look and have been receiving great comments on it!
Valerie Mariano
A great group with phenomenal service. I could not be happier with the product and end result.
Ford Bennett
It was the beginning experience that affects me. One, getting a phone call that I needed to pay additional to have my floors level. I plan and budget my projects and did not expect the additional costs. I had floors done before and was not charged additional cost after the contract price even if they had to level the floors. Two, I could not wait when the floors were done. I was very excited and only was disappointed when I opened the door to find very dirty floors installed. It didn't look like new flooring. When I had laminate flooring done at my home, it was so clean and shining and they provided me with a swifter. I was so happy and pleased. Also, the quarter rounds did not match. However, your company DID come through to rectify the quarter rounds mix match. I now know it was due to the manufacturer and not your company. Your company did make things right by addressing my issues immediately. I am please you have great personnel (Gabe Nelson) to follow up and make sure the customer is satisfied. My concern in referring others is the potential increase in quoted price and the finish product not cleaned. I had to take a day off to clean the floors to have them looking new. Other than that, you company is very good at addressing my issues. It is mixed feeling for me in not giving a higher rating. At the end, you guys did come through.
Carolyn Chun
Frank was awesome, professional and very experienced. I recommend him and this company.
Patrick Toves
Poor communication, no show delivery, no call , disappointing service for repeat customer
Virgie and Rodney Choy
Great staff, very service oriented, will do whatever it takes to make sure the final product meets or exceeds expectations!
Dana Matlin
Talented technicians, courteous and thoughtful and clean up at the end of every day. Keep client informed ofptogress and time table and confer on options.
Mary Vrabel
Lack of communication throughout the installation. People on site did not have any respect for my home or belongings.
Sally Tarbell
I need a partial refund of what I paid for the job, to make up for all the time I have spent dealing with various problems. 1. Extremely poor quality and long duration of installation of quarter rounds and baseboards, in particular. Had to be redone twice. 2. Damage to existing cable wire. 3. Construction debris left under oven. 4. Construction dust left for me to clean up. Could have been avoided if covered in plastic. 5. I had to ASK for a refund on unused materials that had been invoiced to me. 6. Tile installed in an orientation that is explicitly NOT recommended by the manufacturer. There may be more but this is just off the top of my head.
Molly Kihara